Hybrid Rocket Engine “Griffon”

During their free time at ISAE-Supaero, Eric and Emilien worked on a suborbital rocket hybrid engine. The Griffon engine is capable of lifting 20 [kg] of payload up to 3000 [m]. Griffon engine uses 3D printed ABS as fuel and hydrogen peroxide as oxidizer. A third element, considered as an inert gas, is used to pressurize the system. Designed in Catia V5 and mechanically assessed in Abaqus, the main elements successfully passed high pressure test (2x Nominal Value) in February 2020. The first igntion test was supposed to take place in March 2020, in Onera facilities. But due to Coronavirus Crisis, it had to be postponed. Eric worked on the system engineering and financial sides. He helped Emilien, structure lead, to manufacture the combustion chamber as well as the main vessel, in The Countdown Company facilities.

Collaboration and Timeline

  • with: ISAE-Supaero
  • date: 2019
  • duration 1 year

Technical skills:

  • Mechanical design
  • CFD
  • Hybrid Propulsion


  • Heat and Mass transfer
  • Manufacturing
  • Hot fire testing