Project Matterhorn

This project represents the beginning of our collaboration. It is the story of a student team from the EPFL who wanted to become one of the pioneer European university to participate to the Spaceport America Cup. The objective of this challenge is to design, manufacture, pack, ship across the Atlantic, integrate and launch a rocket in the desert of New-Mexico that can carry a payload of 4kg to the precise altitude of 3’000m. The team came back with the Jim Furfaro award for Technical Excellence. This award, attributed to one of the 124 competing teams, honours the excellent mastering and understanding of the technologies developed in the rocket, and the great professionalism in the management of all the rocket operations.

Collaboration and Timeline

  • with: EPFL Rocket Team
  • date: 2018
  • duration 1 year

Technical skills:

  • System Engineering
  • Mechanical Design
  • Embedded sytems


  • Carbon fiber manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
  • Complex Assembly


  • Integration
  • Logistics
  • Launch operations