Thermal Sanitizer

Hilcona industrialises the production of fresh food at a large scale, requiring them to have an advanced technology production line respecting the highest sanitary standards. To optimise their production, they wanted an innovative way to sanitize a specific machine without the need to fully disassemble and re-assemble it. The proposed and developed solution consisted in building a custom oven around the machine and heating it up to a temperature killing all bacteria, drastically accelerating the sanitarization process. Meeting all food industry standards required working with specific inox material and in an IP6+ environment.

Collaboration and Timeline

  • with: Hilcona
  • date: August 2021
  • duration 7 months

Technical skills:

  • Specifications definition
  • CAD
  • Thermal analysis
  • Automation


  • Heating system
  • Food standard
  • Week-end commissioning
  • Validation plan