Malo Goury du Roslan

CEO & Co-founder

Julien Rey

Lead Engineer & Co-founder

Eric Brunner

CTO & Co-founder

Emilien Mingard

Workshop Manager & Co-founder

Théophile Balestrini


John Crettenand

Technician & Engineer

Kevin Marangi


Guilain Lang


Héloïse Boross


Christian Cardinaux



The Countdown Company offers tailored engineering solutions with exceptional lead times to help you meet tight deadlines or speed up your development cycle. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we propose an end to end solution to bring your ideas from paper to reality in no time. We value open communication with our client to fully understand their needs and shoulder them in developing their product.
A shared passion for space technologies is what drives our team. Thanks to our members specialised in aerospace applications, we can help you convert your product for space, build proof of concept models and perform analysis tasks.


The Countdown Company finds its roots in EPFL’s student association for rocketry. Before founding an engineering office together, these same engineers founded the EPFL Rocket Team, today among the university’s most popular student technical associations. Already part of the core team in a group counting 30 students, we have demonstrated exceptional engineering and entrepreneurial skills, also recognized overseas at the Spaceport America Cup in New Mexico, USA, in 2018.
Over these years, we have built up our strength as a team able to take up complex challenges and develop high quality engineering solutions.
From left to right top to bottom: Héloïse Boross (7th), Julien Rey (9th), Emilien Mingard (12th), Eric Brunner (14th), Guilain Lang (16th), Malo Goury Du Roslan (17th).