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Our agile taskforce of dedicated engineers will help you meet your
goals thanks to their experience in mechanical, aerospace, robotics,
electronics and software engineering

Start and stop wherever you want

Taylor your needs with our agile entry/exit point offer. Whether you need a complete development or only a few phases, you can choose the best path to your success !

Launch your idea

Your idea

Phase 1 : Specification

Great! You have a terrific and innovative idea! Now you need to understand what will be needed to bring your idea to life. The goal of this first phase is to understand the needs of your project. We conduct a functional analysis, a system decomposition and a requirement definition. This gives you the specification that will be necessary your project to succeed.

Phase 1


Phase 2 : Preliminary design

Now that we have the specification and the criteria that your project has to meet, we have to design a first solution. After going through a state-of-the-art search, a few solution possibilities are suggested. After a trade-off, the best solution is chosen. With some dimensioning analysis, we draw a 3D CAD preliminary design.

Preliminary Design

Phase 3 : In depth design and analysis

The preliminary design has now to be verified and optimized. Thanks to mechanical analysis, thermal analysis, electrical analysis, FEA, CFD simulation and subsystem testing, we are able to have a 3D CAD design freeze. This final model is the best answer to the specification of your project.

Design freeze

Phase 4 : Manufacturing and assembly

Now that we have a design freeze, we need to build a prototype to test it. We manufacture the parts in our workshop with high swiss precision and quality. Since the designer is also doing the manufacturing, this can be done with high efficiency and no misunderstanding. Once we have the parts, we assemble them with the needed mechanical adjustment. Tada! You have a working prototype!


Phase 5 : Testing and report

Great, you have a working protoype. Now is the time to test it, characterized it and to report the results in a detailled document. This final step will allow your project to move forward on his way to success!

Test report

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