Start-Up Prototype for All Bliss

Our customer, AllBliss, needed a working prototype for their new cleaning device. We offered engineering support to bring their innovative idea to life. After understanding their needs and goals, we came up with a new CAD design. After a validation with our client, we launched the manufacturing phase. Thanks to our expertise in ABS 3D printing and aluminium machining we manufactured, assembled and tested the working prototype in our facilities. This project took us through a whole iteration phase, from specifications definition to the final testing and commissioning of our client’s device.

Collaboration and Timeline

  • with: AllBliss
  • date: June 2020
  • duration 1 month

Technical skills:

  • Specification definition
  • Solutions Trade-Off
  • Fluid mechanics


  • Prototype design
  • SolidEdge
  • 3D Printing


  • Aluminium machining
  • System integration
  • Testing